About Us

JROTC Rings is owned and operated by JROTC Dog Tags. Cpt. Ernie Kiel (Retired) served in the Army and worked as an SAI before opening this business 20+ years ago. He has has his wife, 4 of his 5 children and his 2 oldest grandchildren working with him. We are a proud military family/business with 3 generations working. 

Visit our other Websites:
JROTC.com - serving JROTC Cadets with uniform supplies
SpiritTags.com - Engraved Dog Tags for fundraising
BandsofHeroes.com - KIA memorial bracelets to honor our fallen military members.

We have been in business for 20+ years serving JROTC cadets and military members. We are located in Elk, WA a little town above Spokane, WA.